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Our Product - FlexaFence


Flexafence is a synthetic rail system that combines the tensile strength of high tensile wire with the flexibility and friendly surface of engineered plastics to produce a containment system with greatly enhanced safety for horses and other valuable animal assets.

Two galvanized high tensile wires are enclosed within the upper and lower edges of a thermoplastic rail during the extrusion process to enable the rail to be tensioned or strained between remote strainer posts in much the same way as with the traditional wire fence.

The rail is supported and guided by special low profile brackets located on intermediate posts that are typically spaced between 4 and 5 m apart. The clearance between brackets and rail allows freedom of movement of the rail to cater for:

Expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. This potential movement is accommodated by the pre stressing of the rail during the straining process such that the rail remains taught over a wide range of temperatures.

Extension of the rail due to impact. In this case the rail is free to extend by stretching over its full length thus allowing significant deflections without breakage. This action allows the energy of the impact to be absorbed through deflection of the rail which dramatically reduces G forces to give the animal a "soft landing".

After impact the rail typically returns to its original position. In extreme cases some re tensioning may be required.


The rail is available in 100m rolls for ease of handling and can be joined for longer strains if required.




1. Score on the board...

Manufactured and used in Australia since the mid 1980s.
Designed for the severe Australian environmental conditions with particular reference to the intense UV radiation that bombards Australia.
Examples in all States and Territories from Mount Kosciusko to Darwin, from Tasmania to Cairns, from Melbourne to Perth.

2. Lower real costs of ownership

Base rail price comparable with hard wood and treated pine
35 to 40% less posts than post and rail
Lower installation costs - Typically 1 to 2 man - hours per 100m of rail
No painting or ongoing re painting.
No corrosion
No splintering
Long life - Proven in the Australian environment

3. Safety

Engineered for optimum balance of high integrity safety and containment
Rail operates elastically during medium level impacts and stretches rather than breaks under more severe impacts. Acts like a safety belt to minimize G forces and cushion impact.
No protrusions - low profile brackets
No wind sucking/cribbing
Greatly reduced injuries and associated Vet Bills

4. Appearance

Exceptional aesthetic appearance to enhance any property that will be retained for many years.

5. Product Support

Designed, developed, engineered, manufactured and supported in Australia by qualified engineers and technical staff

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